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Get access to basic banking transactions without logging into your account with the convenience of a smartphone and the simplicity of a text.
Activate text banking after you log in to Digital Banking by clicking on the upper-right link to "My Settings," then choose "Alerts & Notifications." Once your phone has been verified, you can set up alerts to notify you of deposits, withdrawals, or even a weekly balance update. If you choose, you can even select two California Credit Union accounts for transferring funds between by simply texting: TRANS.

Text a short message to 454545 and you will receive a text back with an answer to your request:

Text usTo find out
BALYour primary account (that you designate)
BAL ALLAll account balances
LASTThe last 5 transactions on your primary account
BAL CHKAccount balance of your checking account
BAL SAVAccount balance of your savings account
TRANSTransfer funds to your primary account (from account that you designated)
HELPHelp on keywords

NOTE: Certain carriers and/or mobile accounts automatically block some SMS messages. If you find that this service is not working properly, please check the settings on your smartphone or call your carrier to ensure that SMS texting is activated on your phone. Carrier message and data rates may apply.